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Nightlife in Legian is a rich mix of nightclubs and dining spots that open up until late along the main Jalan Legian (which connects Kuta and Seminyak), with a variety of notable and unique bars also found on the branching alleys such as Poppies Lane 1 and 2. Using Legian’s Ground Zero memorial site as a central landmark, it is hard to miss the high-rising 61 Legian Entertainment Complex that boasts the famous Sky Garden Lounge on its rooftop and Vi Ai Pi just across the road, while a simple but enjoyable stopover for low-priced booze is just behind the memorial on a small alley.

After you’ve spent the day relaxing on the beach, you’re never short of options in Legian after the sun goes down. The area is actually home to some of Bali’s favourite bars and clubs, and always promises a night to remember – or forget – depending on exactly how long your night lasts. Here are our top 10 spots to enjoy the great music, company, vibes and drinks.